Everything about the demon core incident

A nuke uses nuclear power, which is generated by destroying atoms. But how are we going to destroy those atoms? Well, that's the job of the metallic core of the nuke.

Everything about NASA's DART

While this article is being written, NASA doesn't know if Dimorphos' orbit has changed yet. But if it did, we now have an effective weapon agains asteroids. In this article, i will explain everything that happened.

Infinite McDonalds

Let's say some guys in the future make a dimension where its a just an infinite McDonalds and they just throw 10 million of every animal on Earth in there, how would life evolve there?

How to mind swap

Do you want to commit some identity theft, but you can't because your face isn't the same as the one of your victim? No? Okay, maybe i need to go get some therapy.

Comment system added

I'm happy to announce that InfoOwls now has a comment system. You can leave comments on my articles to give feedback, give criticism, ask questions or send death threats to your victims.

How to find a new home planet

Are you tired of this boring meaningless world where all you can look forward to is the sweet sweet release of death, and do you think Earth is just becoming a little bit basic? No? You don't?

don't go to mars, it's dumb

Dear Elon Musk stans, going to Mars is stupid. I know, i know. Disrespecting the great Messiah and smartest man alive (Elon Musk) is a bad idea.

fun facts about jupiter's red spot

If you've ever seen a picture of Jupiter, you have probably seen a giant red spot on the planet. But what is it? Why is it there? Is it a spy? Who is it working for?

time machines are stupid

Building a time machine is stupid, and this is why. First of all, it's would be so hard and expensive to do that it would be nearly impossible.

Theory of relativity explained

Today, i am going to try my best to explain Einstein's theory of relativity. First of all, there are two kinds of relativity: general and special.

can humans achieve eternal life?

Things we would be able to survive are things like aging, hunger, murder, poison, extreme temperatues etc.

6 ways to end the universe

The universe has been destroyed. And because of that, there is no more time, space or laws of physics. Why we didn't die too? Don't worry about it, this is just a stupid InfoOwls article. Anyway, we have to find out who did this to the universe.

How to build a dyson sphere

Okay, a Dyson sphere isn't easy or cheap to build, but it's worth it, right? Well, no. First of all, it would just collapse into the sun and get destroyed. Second of all, there are much easier and cheaper ways to collect a lot of energy.

Is perpetual motion possible?

A lot of people have tried to build a perpetual motion machine, and there are a lot of them online, but none of them actually work.

The truth behind the invisible man tech

Camouflage is changing skin color because of adapting to the environment, but invisibility is complete transparency of every single part of your body. So actual invisibility is impossible, but there might be a way to cause a illusion of invisibility.